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Lets Help Out New Rinks

Good morning everyone. It is a very clear sunny day here in Atlanta Georgia. So clear in fact that I can make out the Mercedes Benz Stadium from the office through the skinny trees that line the Southeastern Skate Supply property. I believe this is one of the last places that you can see the Atlanta skyline without being in a expensive condo or a large million dollar house. Hopefully developers stay away from Veterans Memorial Highway.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how blessed I am to be apart of the roller skating community, and how I would like to help and support the next generation of rink owners. I don't mean by selling them our skates, although that would be nice, but by giving them tools to run a successful business. Now I know what you're thinking. Jacob doesn't run a rink what qualifies him to give new rink owners advice? The answer to that is I'm not qualified. However, you are and I need your help. I have had the opportunity to speak to many people who ar…
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Do you want your own E-Commerce Website?

Welcome back,

Hopefully everyone has been to our website We created this websites so you can order during non business hours. Something I hope has helped out a lot on weekends when we aren't around. Anyway, I want to help you build your own E-Commerce website that will require very little work on your end. Once it is set up I will teach you how to manage your new website so you can make sure everything is the way you want. If you are interested please let me know at,or call me at the office 770-944-1322.

The Golden Gate Roller Skate Ban

The Golden Gate Roller Skate Ban
It’s the 1970’s, and everyone in San Francisco is flocking to Golden Gate Park to lace up their roller skates. People of all ethnicities came together to roller skate and have fun. However, that was short lived. As rental skate trucks lined the outskirts of the park and more people came to skate, residents neighboring the park became upset.
After hearing about this, the media outlets began demonizing the group by calling them “berserk skaters”. One news channel asked a group of friends to perform tricks on camera which they obliged, but that evening their narrative changed. They used that video to write a story about the “dangers of roller skating”. With the power to influence so many people, the news stations narrative began to change the citizens of San Francisco view of the Golden Gate skaters.
Understanding the implication of this a passionate group of skaters feared a full ban in Golden Gate Park, so they met with Assistant Recreation and Parks Super…
Welcome to our blog
Hello, my name is Jacob Ramsey and my goal here at Southeastern Skate Supply Weekly is to create a community where we can share each other's ideas to better the roller skating industry. I will be sharing a weekly update that contains noteworthy information that I have come across during the week. For example, roller skating related news stories, advice that I hear from you, how our new and upcoming products work, and much more.