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Well its been more than a week since I posted something. Kind of defeats the purposes of calling this Southeastern Skate Supply Weekly. Anyway, I have a very interesting story for you today.
So, Venezuela has been in the news a lot for their near civil war between socialist President Nicolás Maduro and U.S. backed Juan Guaidó. The cause of all this trouble is due to the extreme economic depression under the socialist party that has caused many to go hungry and not receive the medicine they need. The hyperinflation is another cause of the unrest. It is so bad that 1 US Dollar is equal to 637 Venezuelan Bolivars. If you want to read more here is a link to the BBC article I got this information from
Enough about the negative stuff. How about we talk about Christmas and a unique tradition that the Venezuelans have. In the city of Caracas the locals strap on their roller skates and head to church on Christmas Eve. Children tie a string…
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Thank You

This week I would like to thank all of our customers who attended our trade show this year. We had a great time catching up with y'all. I hope you enjoyed your time in Atlanta.

The 2019 Trade Show Is Here!

I've been waiting for this since last October! This is probably my favorite time of year, because everyone is gathered in one place. We get to see old friends and meet new ones. The trade show isn't just about selling lots of skates, but its about the skating community. The skating community is special because when we are all together we seem to get a long well. I'm sure someone is reading this thinking "are you kidding me this person or that person is such a pain". Maybe you think I'm a pain, who knows. Anyway for the most part we really get a long. I feel like the 2019 trade show is really about all of us getting together under one roof. Oh and don't forget the barbecue. I hope to see you next week!

Hockey Skates

I haven't posted anything about a product, but I thought the new Tour hockey skates deserved one. Tour builds some of the best hockey skates out there, they are well made, comfortable, and fast. From left to right in the picture above we have the Code 9.One, the Code5.One, and lastly the Code 3.One! You can read more about them by clicking on the links.

These are fresh off the truck, so get them while they are hot. If you have any questions feel free to email me, or comment below!

Why I Skate?

Roller skating isn’t just something I enjoy. It’s not a hobby. It’s not even a passion. Roller skating is a part of me and my family. Three generations of Ramsey’s have been a part of the roller skating industry, and I hope to be the fourth. Since Southeastern Skate Supply opened its doors it has seen several wars, six Apollo moon landings, the assassination of Martin Luther King Junior, and the addition of two stars to the flag. As it nears its 75thyear of operation, I look at the history of Southeastern Skate Supply. I look at its history from the eyes of my family members, and from the stories I hear from you, our customers. I look forward to putting my own mark in its history. Seeing it reach 100 years in business would be something special. So why do I skate? I skate because waking up each morning and seeing a warehouse full of skates just waiting to put a smile on someone’s face is exciting. I skate because it is a part of my family. I skate because it’s apart of o…

The Future of Roller Skating

This past week I was doing a bit of research to prepare for this blog post. What stood out to me was an article by The Atlantic written in 2014 titled “Whatever Happened to Roller Skating?” The title of this article stood out to me because I often get asked that same question. I don't know if it’s just me, but that question sounds condescending. 
The very first paragraph began with words like old fashioned, outdated, not-glitzy, and retro. Retro sounds like a good thing, but in the context of this question all it means is holding on to the past. I almost scrapped this blog post all together because I was so discouraged. I continued reading though, and I am glad I did.
The author of “Whatever Happened to Roller Skating?”, Tonya Basu, took the time to ask her question to some of our own. She highlighted Jim McMahon, the executive director of the RSA, who went into detail about how our industry is not outdated or in decline. Tonya also interviewed James Vannurden from the National Muse…

This Weekend

While I take a long four day weekend y'all will be hard at work entertaining customers. I don't have much to say this week accept that I hope everyone has a successful and profitable Labor Day weekend.